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Ray the “Captian” is your local carpet cleaning expert, with over 25 years experience! Using only premium quality cleaning products and equipment, you can rest assured knowing you’re dealing with an expert who is able to correctly identify different carpet fibres and achieve absolutely amazing results. Ray brings carpets back to life again!

Amazing service & attention to detail. We have 90+ 5 Star reviews!

Your home's carpets are deeply cleaned & brought back to life again!

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Amazing 5-star results! We steam you clean your homes carpets the right way using 100% non-toxic products & state-of-the-art equipment.

For All Offices & Businesses

Breathe new life into your office carpets with our professional carpet cleaning services. The results we achieve are nothing short of amazing!

Further Cleaning Services We Offer

Upholstery Cleaning

Keep your furniture and upholstery looking beautiful & free from allergens & stains. All stains & odours removed from your upholstery.

Mattress Cleaning

Odour, stain & dust mattresses are great for health and a perfect night’s sleep. Your mattresses are left clean & smelling beautiful.

Allergy Relief Treatment

Our allergy relief treatment package is perfect for people sensitive to contaminants. Ask us about our special allergy cleaning treatments.

Water Damage Service

We use the latest water extraction technology to disinfect & sanitise your water damaged carpets back to new again!

Your Carpets Brought Back to Life Again

Captain Carpet Cleaning

25 years experience

No one get a better results than the Captain does! Call 0425 274 019 now!

No harsh chemicals used

Completely safe & non toxic carpet cleaning that done right

Spot & stain treatment specialist

All types of stains & marks are easily removed & cleaned

Friendly and reliable

With over ninety 5 star reviews – you know you’re in good hands

Five Star Reviews

Professional to deal with and a great guy as well. No better in the business. Thanks for everything Ray
James Cossell
James Cossell
02:18 08 Aug 18
Ray was fantastic! Great job, professional and very friendly. My carpets are beautiful and clean and smell amazing. Would definitely recommend Ray!
Elissa Glenn
Elissa Glenn
05:21 14 Jul 18
I booked Ray based on his reviews and I was not disappointed. A lovely bloke and a great job. Will only use him in future.
23:59 13 Jul 18
I can't recommend Ray highly enough. He was professional, punctual, provided a high quality service and was great to deal with. I'd easily recommend him without hesitation.
Megan Odgers
Megan Odgers
10:55 09 Jun 18
Awesome job Ray! Very professional, with special skills to make stains disappear. Would recommend you to all!
Adam Kucharski
Adam Kucharski
10:08 04 Jun 18
Ray was fantastic - from fitting in my booking, to communication the morning of through to the actual cleaning job. He was efficient and effective! Couldn't recommend him highly enough and will definitely be contacting him in the future. Thanks!
Emily Clulow
Emily Clulow
23:18 21 May 18
Such an amazing job! Ray was fantastic, very knowledgeable and took the time to understand what was needed before he got started which made for great results. I am extremely happy with how my carpets came out and highly recommend Ray.
Whitney Dunbar
Whitney Dunbar
22:53 28 Apr 18
Brilliant quality work backed by excellent service. The carpet cleaner i originally booked backed out at the last minute after clearing my whole place. Found Ray through these great reviews and he went out of his way to help out and did a great job.
Hitesh Mistri
Hitesh Mistri
01:30 17 Apr 18
I am extremely happy with Ray and the service he provided. Everything was so easy from making the appointment to Ray showing up on time and doing an amazing job, our carpet looks brand new. So happy I found him and will definitely but calling Ray in the future.
Tara Banai
Tara Banai
23:51 28 Feb 18
Impressive and professional service at a competitive price. Turned up within an hour of an urgent phone call and worked efficiently cleaning the carpets and lifting out stains. Thank you Ray. Would highly recommend.
Isaac Yu Hin Lam
Isaac Yu Hin Lam
03:53 24 Feb 18
Very happy with the service I received. My wife left the laundry tap running and the water flooded our carpet. I spoke to Ray. He’s done a great job and went above and beyond to help us out. Quick service and very reliable.
Ali Hamdi
Ali Hamdi
11:24 22 Feb 18
Ray provide an excellent and professional service. He is friendly and will answer all your question related with products and carpet cleaning process. My carpet looks clean and smells wonderful. I am very happy with the service. Thank you Ray.
Raul Guillermo Rodriguez Garcia
Raul Guillermo Rodriguez Garcia
21:37 16 Feb 18
Thanks so much for our amazing clean carpets! Removed the stains and left them looking and smelling clean and fresh.. Very friendly and fair-priced- would definitely recommend. Thanks again!
01:34 09 Feb 18
Ray offers an outstanding service. He was easy to contact and to book. On the day Ray made sure I knew where he was and what time he would arrive. I was moving to Melbourne that day so needed everything finished on time. Ray arrived ahead of time and started work. The results were spectacular and he was true to his word with the quote. I cannot recommend Ray highly enough.
Simon Potter
Simon Potter
02:45 05 Jan 18

FAQ’s About Our Winston Hills Carpet Cleaning

How long does it take to dry after steam cleaning?

Normally it will take between 4-6 hours before your carpets are dry enough to walk on, but it can take up to 8 hours depending on humidity.


Although, it is possible for you to walk on your carpets immediately if required, provided you’re wearing very clean footwear. The wet carpets tend to attract the dirt from your shoes which is why it’s recommended you wait at least 4-6 before walking on them.

Do you move furniture?

Yes I can move most furniture to get full access to the carpets provided it is not excessively heavy or difficult. We don’t move heavy furniture like TV cabinets etc, but anything that is easily manoeuvred we will move in order to clean the full area of your carpets.


We also return your furniture to its original position after we have finished the cleaning, so you don’t have to touch a thing!

How long do I have to stay off carpets?

It is recommended that you stay off your carpets for at least 4-6 hours depending on weather conditions. However, you can also walk on your carpets immediately if you need to provided you are not wearing shoes or have very clean footwear.

Do you remove stains?

Yes we make every effort to completely remove every stain that we see as we clean your carpets. Difficult stains are spot treated and we are usually able to remove the majority of all visible stains to leave your carpets just like new again.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

In general, your homes carpets should be steam cleaned twice per year to maintain clean and sanitary carpets. If you have a lot of foot traffic then obviously it is advised to steam clean your carpets at least three times a year.

I'm pregnant – are your products safe for me?

Although all of the cleaning chemicals we use our 100% non-toxic and completely bio safe, it is still recommended that pregnant women not be present. This is merely because some of the detergents give off an odour. Although the odour is non-toxic, it’s always best to stay away from these odours if possible.

Do I need to vacuum carpet beforehand?

There is no need to vacuum your carpets before we steam clean them. Only excessively dirty carpets with a lot of dust on top of them should be vacuumed first before steam cleaning. In normal situations, carpets usually do not need to be vacuumed before we commence steam cleaning.

Would you be doing the work or someone else?

We are a small family owned business and ‘yes’ I will personally clean your carpets and bring them back to life again for you. We have over 90+ 5 star ratings and we have achieved this through hard work and a passion for what we do.

Difference between steam cleaning & dry cleaning?

Steam cleaning provides a much deeper clean because the hot water and steam kills bacteria and mould far better than dry-cleaning does. Steam cleaning also removes stains and restores the carpet back to its original state much better than dry-cleaning can.


The dry-cleaning of your carpet utilises a chemical agent which is sticky to provide a fantastic surface clean, but nowhere near as thorough as steam cleaning provides.

How do you achieve such good results?

We achieve our spectacular results by using only the best cleaning products money can buy. The chemicals and detergents we use are expensive and produce amazing results, and they are also 100% bio safe and environmentally friendly.


Our vacuuming and steam cleaning equipment is also of the highest calibre in quality and helps us to achieve our amazing results.