Rental Properties Cleaning

Rental Properties Cleaning

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Captain Carpet Cleaning is a professional Sydney carpet cleaning company that is owned and operated by Ray Sammut, a certified carpet cleaner. Ray is compliant with the Work Cover Act (NSW) of the 1st of September 2001 regulation 2001, and the amended OH&S Act 2000 No 40, relevant Codes of Practice and applicable Australian Standards.Simply put, when you contract Captain Carpet Cleaning if anything goes wrong, the principal is fully covered.

Companies, such as rental property owners, employ sub-contractors, the sub-contractors must be fully compliant. The sub-contractor is employed by the company that hires the contractor, which is regarded as the Principal, and becomes fully accountable. This applies to property managers and private households alike.

Your contractors must have all of the following in place, or you could be liable for any accidents or damages to both persons and property –

Captain Carpet Cleaning offers rental properties carpet cleaning. Typically, it is the responsibility of the tenant to clean the carpet. This is normally done at the end of their lease. However, long term tenants often clean their carpets regularly to ensure that allergens and dust mites are kept to a minimum. The cleanliness and health of your carpet not only enhances the appearance of your carpet, as well as helps to enhance the quality of air. At Captain Carpet Cleaning, we offer carpet care that excels in excellence, leaving the carpet in a clean and healthy state. For tenants that are moving out, or their lease is up, proper carpet cleaning is essential to help to ensure that you do receive your deposit back.

Captain Carpet Cleaning is experienced in rental property carpet cleaning, with many years of experience, and the state of the art equipment, and industry specific skills and techniques that offer professional results.

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