Mattress & Bedding Cleaning

Mattress & Bedding Cleaning

Individuals spend nearly a third of their life in bed.  Each night when a person lies down to sleep, they rest on their mattress & bedding for about eight hours.  During their resting and sleeping time, dead skin falls from the individual into the bedding and mattress.  Slowly, dead skin, dust mites, dirt, and bacteria are collected.  This is one reason a mattress needs to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

A mattress begins to suffer symptoms when it is in need of a thorough cleaning.  These symptoms include:

When you or someone in your home begins to show any of these symptoms, having the mattresses and bedding cleaned can help to reduce and eliminate the symptoms should they be due to dust mites.

What Many Homeowners Don’t Know

Many homeowners are unaware that their mattress is likely the dirtiest place in their home. Each evening you climb into your bed, settle down and enjoy your sleep for eight hours. As you sleep, your body rests on the mattress, and your dead skin flakes into the bedding and mattress, settling and turning into a breeding ground for a number of ailments like fungi, mould spores, viruses, bacteria, and dust mites. And, each night, you feed the inhabitants of the breeding ground within your mattress with your dead skin.

Even the cleanest of homes need to have their mattresses & bedding professionally cleaned. As over the years, those millions upon millions of dust mites alone will not only create an unhealthy state but also add pounds of weight to your mattress.

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Captain Carpet Cleaning specialises in mattress & bedding cleaning, sanitizing your mattress & bedding so that you once again get that good night’s sleep, and allergy symptoms are relieved.

Your Cleaning Solution to A Hygienic Mattress & Bedding

Our equipment is state of the art, portable equipment that vibrates and pulsates the mattress. The vibration and pulsations allow our advanced vacuum system to extract and remove dead sk, dirt, dust mites, and bacteria that is trapped in the mattress and bedding. Once removed, we can then use UVC lamps that allow us to kill bacteria, virus, and living organisms and mould spores. It is our high standards in a mattress and bedding cleaning that result in a clean mattress and bedding. Our cleaning solutions are effective and designed to keep you and your family members healthy with a hygienic mattress and bedding.

Symptoms That Alert You To Dust Mites

Property owners and inhabitants can begin to suffer from symptoms that result from dust mites. These symptoms include:
Headaches, Poor Sleep, Sinus Symptoms, Psoriasis, Rhinitis, Eczema, Hay Fever, Asthma, Fatigue,

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For more information on our mattress & bedding cleaning services in Sydney, contact Captain Carpet Cleaning at the number below.
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