Flood Damage Services 

Flood Damage Services 

Captain Carpet Cleaning understands the urgent need of professional carpet cleaning when flood damage has occurred. We offer prompt and personal emergency cleaning services for residential and business property owners that furnishing and carpets have suffered damage due to flood, sewage, smoke and vandalism damage. We also provide upholstery cleaning for furnishing that has suffered these emergency situations.

Each type of damage requires a different attention.

Water Damage

Captain Carpet Cleaning have designed a 5 stage method called Tech Dry, which is an advanced method of carpet and rug restoration, and one that is extremely effective for flood damage carpets and rugs..

Hints & Tips to Prevent Further Damage to Carpet & Furnishings

Sewerage Damage

Raw sewerage is extremely hazardous to your health as it is a bio-organic bacteria. Depending on the severity of the damage, some carpets may not be restorable after direct contact with sewage-contaminated water. If children and pets are in the home, immediately get them out as they are vulnerable to this situation.

Captain Carpet Cleaning have developed a 5 stage solution that is effective in cleaning and restoring sewage damaged water called bio-enzyme destroyer.

Note: We will recommend carpet and underlay be replaced should the carpet have suffered physical damage.

Captain Carpet Cleaning charges $350, which includes travel time and 1-hour operational time. This is a discount as our regular charge for this is $295 and includes travel time and one hour of operation time. If drying is not achieved to a satisfactory level, a rate of $95 per 15 minutes will be charged.

Vandal Damage

Rental property owners may suffer the damage of tenants that have been thoughtless with their rented premises and carpets. Captain Carpet Cleaning can restore carpets to their original condition or nearly new.

Captain Carpet Cleaning provide carpet and upholstery cleaning to a number of real estate agents, and we see many damaged carpets due to poor tenants. From experience, we know that not all stains can be removed, but from experience, we can say that we can manage to remove from 80 percent to 90 percent. This is much cheaper than replacing the carpet.

Our vandal damage carpet cleaning varies and is based on the level of damage, the types of stains, the areas that require cleaning. Because of this, we require that one of our technicians first inspect the property before providing a quote.

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For more information on our flood carpet cleaning services at Captain Carpet Cleaning, we welcome you to contact Ray or one of his assistants at the number below. We are available for any questions and concerns, and to schedule appointments. We can also be reached here through our Contact page.

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