Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Captain Carpet Cleaning specialises in commercial carpet & upholstery cleaning.

We understand the need for cleanliness in businesses and medical and hospitality industries.  Ray is a certified carpet cleaner, fully insured and adheres to OH&S requirements.  With over 15 years of experience, advanced carpet cleaning systems, and non-toxic snaitising and anti-bacterial detergents, Ray offers effective solutions that both achieve results and prolong the life of carpets and upholstery.  Products used by Captain Carpet Cleaning are wool safe approved, as well as safe to use on synthetic and woolen carpets and upholstery alike.

We provide commercial carpet cleaning services to:

Regardless of your industry, Captain Carpet Cleaning is the safe and effective cleaning solution for your carpet & upholstery needs.

A Healthier Atmosphere Creates a More Productive Atmosphere

A healthier atmosphere creates a more productive atmosphere.  Regular commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning helps to create that atmosphere.  Our carpet & upholstery cleaning helps eliminate the allergens, and when sanitizer is added, airborne bacteria.

Our standard is high, and the standards in commercial carpet cleaning that have earned us our good name and reputation as the trusted and reliable cleaners.  We use state of the art equipment and cleaning solutions that allow us to complete the most effective carpet & upholstery cleaning.



Our Guarantee is To Our Customers

At Captain Carpet Cleaning, our guarantee is to our customers. Ray is a certified carpet cleaning technician that is fully insured and fully complies with OH&S requirements. As a certified carpet cleaner, you can expect the extended life of your carpets, and a revival of their beauty through Ray’s services.

Captain Carpet Cleaning carpet cleaning services:

Our Services Are When You Need Them

At Captain Carpet Cleaning, we understand that businesses often require services during business hours. At Captain Carpet Cleaning, we work when you require our services. Ray and his team can provide services during business hours with the least hindrance to your business.

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For more information on Captain Carpet Cleaning services, please contact Ray or one of his assistance at the number below. If you’d prefer to go through our web page, please contact us through our Contact page. We are here for questions, as well as to schedule service appointments.

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