Carpet Cleaning Service in Sydney

Captain Carpet Cleaning has the experience you require for the safe and highly effective carpet cleaning and upholstery. Our attention is to detail, finishing jobs to our high standards, and not necessarily the price of the job. Our techniques are state of the art, just as our equipment, skills, and talent.

Captain Carpet Cleaning in Sydney 

Captain Carpet Cleaning offers exceptional quality in carpet cleaning service in Sydney. We are a native Australian company owned and run by Ray Sammut, an industry expert that has over 23 years of experience in carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

Captain Carpet Cleaning services in Sydney rental properties and domestic and commercial properties with outstanding carpet and upholstery cleaning, flood and mattresses & bedding cleaning, and allergy relief treatments. When Captain Carpet Cleaning completes a job, the atmosphere is clean and healthy.



Allergy Relief Treatment

The incidences of Asthma and allergy related illness is one of the highest in Australia.  Dust mites and pet dander play a significant role in contributing to such illnesses.  Captain Carpet Allergy free carpet cleaning help to eliminate dust mites and pet dander, offering suffers a clean and sanitised environment, and relief from their suffering.  We provide allergy relief treatment for residential and commercial establishments.

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Captain Carpet Cleaning Service in Sydney offers professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services that do much more than offer clean carpet and appeal.  Professional carpet cleaning prolongs the life of your carpet, as well as improves the quality of air within the establishment.We offer domestic carpet cleaning for your:


Captain Carpet Cleaning offers professional carpet cleaning in Sydney for commercial buildings, retail business, hospitals, hotels and motels, offices, function centres, aircraft and buses.  For more information, please visit our commercial carpet & upholstery cleaning services.

Rental Properties

Captain Carpet Cleaning offers professional rental properties carpet cleaning that is to the high standards you expect. We are certified carpet technicians that offer the following rental property carpet cleaning services in Sydney:

For more information, please visit our rental properties carpet cleaning services page.

Flood Damage

Emergency services are needed for flood damage carpets & surfaces.  Captain Carpet Cleaning offers rapid response emergency carpet & upholstery cleaning services in Sydney for families and businesses that have damaged carpets and furnishings due to flood & smoke damage.  For more information, please visit our flood damage services page.

Mattress & Bedding

Mattress & bedding cleaning is essential to control dust mites and remove allergens, both harmful to health.  Captain Carpet Cleaning offers mattress & bedding cleaning that does sanitise the mattress & bedding, removing allergens and dust mites.  For more information on our mattress & bedding services, please visit our mattress & bedding services page.

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For more information on Captain Carpet Cleaning, contact Ray or one of his assistants at the number below. We are available for information, concerns, as well as to schedule service appointments for carpet and / or upholstery cleaning in Sydney. We can also be reached through our Contact form located here on our web page.

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